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As the new China Work Permit policy started in 2017, the government build a new China Work Permit system for this, all applicantion need to be made through the new system.

Before every applicant has a work permit book but now the government issued a special work permit card instead with arecognizable QR code which would show all the work permit details.

As of now the new system, the government improve and perfect it as always, there are a few new protocols you might need to pay attention to:

1. Starting from Feb 28th2018, all renewal applications need to be submitted 30 days prior to the expiration date, otherwise you might not be able to submit at all.

VisaOfChina already meet some applicant can not make extension applications and we have to apply additionally.

2. Due to the popular E-Channel of China customs, many foreigners enter China via this and without entry stamp, now the government now not required the last entry page for the application but you may still need to provide the last entry date.

3. Aligned with foreign employment system, China Entry & Exit Bureau has upgraded their system as well. All China inside visa applicants need to take a profile picture at the bureau personally, however it might not be compulsory for your future application based on your nationality and actual situation.

4. Russian applicants need to apply an extra notarized doc at Russian Consulate if your diploma states an “Expert” instead of a Bachelor’s degree (see the sample of our website or Public WeChat).

5. French applicants are able to notarize your diploma and criminal background check at French Consulate located in China.

6. American applicants, who already hold a criminal background check from state government, will also need to notarize at Chinese Embassy. VisaOfChina Washington DC office is now entitled to process criminal background check for American citizens and all other China Consulate legalization .

7. American, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand applicants can also notarize your diploma through VisaOfChina directly, it takes 1 week whilst other nationalities take 3-6 weeks.

Please feel free to leave messages here onour Public WeChat or contact us at if you had further questions regarding newpolicies.



1. 2018年2月28日开始,所有工作许可延期的申请需要在到期前30天提出申请,如果没有及时申请,有可能在新的系统递交不了申请

2. 由于目前境外人员入境很多使用电子通道,新版工作许可卡的申请,不再要求申请者一定要提供最近的入境章页,但需记录自己的最后次入境日期


3. 由于2017年12月中国出入境管理局做了系统升级,2018年开始,所有的工作签证申请者,需要本人到场采集相片并申请,之后的申请视国籍和具体申请情况,可以不一定要本人到场

4. 俄罗斯国籍的申请者如果持有的文凭上表明“专家”需要去俄罗斯大使馆开具专门的专家学位认同文件

5. 法国国籍的申请者的无犯罪记录和文凭认证可以在法国驻中国领事馆直接认证

6. 美国国籍的申请者,如果已从美国州政府开具无犯罪记录证明,还需经中国大使馆认证,VisaOfChina华盛顿办公室可以全面代理中国驻美国大使馆的认证业务

7. 美国、澳大利亚、加拿大、新西兰的申请者,文凭认证可通过VisaOfChina直接办理,需时1周左右,其他国家需时3-6周



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