M - Business Visa

M - China Business Visa

VisaOfChina offers the visa service in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other China cities, if you are not in China, please apply the M visa from the China Embassy/Consulate and come.

China Business Visa (M Visa) is issued to those who intend to come to China for business purpose. For the business proposal, Chinese Embassy may give you 30/60 days stay with 1/2/M entries.

China mainland don't issue many M(Business) extension unless you show your real business purpose, if you want to come to China for business, please apply the M visa from China Embassy/Consulate out of China and come,

most of the time, you have to leave before the M visa expires. However, you can go to Hongkong to apply a new M visa and come back if you never apply M visa in HK before.

Apply M visa in HK you need to perpare these documents:
1. Your original Passport
2. Hongkong entry paper

3. A 2-inch photo (size 4.5cm*3.5cm)

4. China company invitation letter

5. Depends on your nationality, the China Visa office may ask you to require more other documents

Time cost: 1 Working Day (Apply on the morning and get next working day afternoon, some nationalities cost 3-4 working days)

Service Cost: RMB 1,200 - 2,000/person (depends on your nationality)


French passport need to provide a travel insurance


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